“Simply phenomenal, crisp musicianship going hand in hand with immaculate and witty showmanship.”

“A 100-year-old jazz standard gets reborn…”

“Potent and assured.”

“Irrepressible prewar rhythms from the snappily dressed New York combo and the feline vocalist Elizabeth Bougerol.”
THE SUNDAY TIMES (LONDON), Best Albums of the Year 2016

“The charismatic front-runners of vintage jazz play big halls as if they’ve just dropped in to a party.”

“Leaders of New York’s jazz revival.”

Elizabeth and Evan talk new album, jazz influences, and the origin of the band’s name.

“One of the best vocal albums of 2014.”
JAZZ TIMES, Review: The 2016 Savannah Music Festival

“…one of the best jazz bands in NY today.”
FORBES, Ultimate NYC…

“Evan ‘Bibs’ Palazzo and his sidemen know how to have fun without skimping on musicianship, while Miz Elizabeth delivers worldly-wise, Peggy Lee-ish vocals.”
THE SUNDAY TIMES (LONDON), Review: The Hot Sardines (Decca)

“Old-time jazz with new-time energy and style… magic on stage. There is no other band playing live quite like The Hot Sardines.”
WFUV, Broadcast, Joe’s Pub

“Celebrating [hot jazz] in high style and with sharp talent… leaves us wanting more.”
JAZZ TIMES, Review: The Hot Sardines (Decca)

“Not so much reviving standards, as taking defib paddles to them and jolting them back to life.”
THE PATRIOT LEDGER, Boston Pops and Hot Sardines heat up the Roaring 20s

“…stellar musicianship: they know their heritage, know their instruments, and best of all know how to use and abuse that to have a lot of creative, energetic and audibly delicious fun.” EASTERN DAILY PRESS (UK), Review

“To see the Sardines take the Guildhall by storm was proof, if you needed it, that this joyous band has hit on a winning combination…” THE TIMES (LONDON), Review

“…absolutely gorgeous instrumental “Gramercy Sunset…”

“They had won over the audience right from the start. The closing sequence had the crowd baying for more.”
LONDON JAZZ NEWS, Review: EFG London Jazz Festival

“[The Hot Sardines] have assembled a unique repertoire, and a sound and a style that are distinctly their own.”
VANITY FAIR,  How a Swath of 20-Somethings Have Tuned In to 1920s Pop

“Utterly charming […] reviving the songs as well as the sounds of the bygone era.” TIMES UNION, Review

“New York eight-piece the Hot Sardines played mostly period songs with a hint of post-modern self-awareness… but also a tremendous amount of verve and genuine affection. ‘Your Feet’s Too Big’ was frisky and funny, while the fleet ‘What a Little Moonlight Can Do’ twitched with giddiness. The real stunner was ‘Wake Up in Paris,’ written by Hot Sardines singer Miz Elizabeth.”
THE BOSTON GLOBE, Boston Pops slips back in time…

“Their sound is unlike any other band.”
AXS, Hot Sardines threaten to sell out another wild show

“Few brought it with as much raucous energy and panache as The Hot Sardines… [they] captured the spirit, as well as the letter, of the music, handling the nearly 90-year-old tunes like living, breathing music rather than precious museum artifacts.”
DOWNBEAT,  New York’s Hot Jazz Festival Sizzles With a Look to the Past

“Trad jazz… with an edge, as if the cops could bust in waving billy clubs. […] Their raucous, speakeasy sound makes Pink Martini seem schmaltzy and tame by comparison.”
INDYWEEK Raleigh-Durham, Concert Picks

“…why not go old-school, like 1920s, ’30s, and ’40s old-school? The Hot Sardines are a New York-based brass jazz band that specializes in classic pop and jazz tunes from first half of the 20th century. Hell, they even have a tap-dancer.”
ESQUIRE, Who Should Back Up Seth Meyers on Late Night?

“Unforgettably wild […] consistently electrifying. A live music powerhouse.”
POPMATTERS, The Hot Sardines

“If there is such a thing as the newest sensation in century-old music, the Hot Sardines are it.”
NAPLES DAILY NEWS, Review: Hot Sardines’ roaring sound enlivens Naples crowd

WNYC’S SOUNDCHECK John Schaefer talks to Miz Elizabeth and Will Friedwald. [podcast page]

“Elizabeth Bougerol, born in Paris, has a sweet and soulful voice that brings to mind jazz singers working in similar idioms, like Madeleine Peyroux and Cyrille Aimée.”
THE NEW YORK OBSERVER, They’re Old-Fashioned: The Hot Sardines

“Anywhere the Hot Sardines are playing. Ever. […] Go see your new favorite band immediately.”
THE DATE REPORT, The Best Jazz Dates in New York City

“@hotsardines blows our minds yet again.”
JOE’S PUB on Twitter

“…[the Sardines] make classics so current that when you’re listening to them, as we have at New York’s Joe’s Pub and at Top of the Standard, you can’t not want to get out of your seat and go back in time with them.”
MILIEU, The Hot Sardines

“Dans ce combo d’une dizaine de musiciens (dont un danseur de claquettes), New Orleans et jazz manouche se donnent la main. Leur spectacle a du charme et de la bonne humeur, la formule est proche de celle qui a si bien réussi à Pink Martini.”
LIBERATION, L’Ile-de-France tombe dans la Pomme