I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues: A Hot Jazz Symposium


Hot Jazz is experiencing a modern revival. And this renaissance of sorts is at its strongest in our very own New York City, where the music’s youthful energy with a modern twist has established a grassroots and markedly social way of engaging with music– a far cry from NYC’s formal and austere jazz institutions.

Henry Topper, with the support of the Gallatin Student Resource Fund and the Gallatin Office of Student Life, is proud to bring this new Hot Jazz into the academy for the first time, presenting a lovely, foot-stompingly fun evening of LIVE MUSIC and talks from figures at the forefront of the revival. And it’s completely free! This is a truly special opportunity that is not to be missed!

Featuring the Hot Sardines

Talks by Professor Michael Dinwiddie &

Will Friedwald, Jazz Critic at the Wall Street Journal